The value of exclusive features and information on your company’s success

We are often led to believe that the most important decisions in life revolve around figuring out which university to attend, in which company you want to build your career, or who you want to spend the rest of your life with. But no one ever mentions an equally important decision that some make; pursuing that one idea that you believe will change people’s lives forever.

Bringing a business idea to life is no easy task. It requires a lot of drive, discipline, and determination. Once the idea comes…

How Tokopedia contributes to a healthier and fairer world

On World Health Day celebrated on 7 April 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) introduced a new campaign: To build a fairer, healthier world. Seeing the significant impact of the pandemic on people and vulnerable communities around the world, every country, company, and individual has the responsibility to make the world a healthier and fairer place. At Tokopedia, how are we contributing to this cause?

For an Indonesian technology company like Tokopedia, with an e-commerce platform that serves more than 10 million sellers and over 100 million monthly users across the country, our consumers remain our ultimate priority. In this…

A collective effort to overcoming barriers in providing wealth for all

Tokopedia reaches 99% of districts in Indonesia

From a global population of over 7.7 billion people, a 2018 World Bank report announced that a quarter of the world’s population (around 1.7 billion people) is unbanked or without access to formal financial services. In Indonesia, from the national population of 270 million people, the Indonesian Financial Services (OJK) reported that 64% or around 170 million Indonesians are unbanked. Despite financial and technological resources being devoted to accelerating financial inclusion across the globe, is Indonesia lagging behind?

Being the world’s largest archipelago with over 18,000 islands, thousands of…

A great journey of turning challenges into opportunities

Tokopedia Tower

It seems like it was only yesterday that we celebrated the year 2020 with our friends and family, and made our new year’s resolutions. Some started the year mapping out milestones in their personal lives, planning a career change, or making international travel plans, yet little did we know that the year 2020 would be like no other.

Following the global pandemic in March, countries around the world including Indonesia went into lockdown, and business operations were impacted. …

Two of our women leaders share their journey to finding their purpose, leadership, and prospects of the future of Indonesia

This month, Tokopedia celebrated our 11th anniversary and honored our on-going journey to democratize commerce through technology. Unlike last year’s festive anniversary celebration, the current global pandemic has encouraged us to commemorate our big day through numerous live events and an online charity concert instead, streamed through our very own streaming service, Tokopedia PLAY.

Themed “Rayakan Semangat Baru”, the 1-day virtual event highlighted Tokopedia’s renewed spirit and motivation to achieve our mission, which also aimed to encourage Indonesians across the…

Running a business during a pandemic requires agility, perseverance, and strong partnership

In the country with over 17,000 islands and home to over 260 million people, streets are usually packed with the backbone of Indonesia’s urban economy, namely street vendors selling diverse cuisine and daily wage workers offering different products and services.

However, for the past few months, things have been different. Due to the global pandemic, people have been confined to their homes, streets have been more empty and quiet, and local businesses have experienced the challenging impacts of COVID-19.

As a technology company maneuvering through a pandemic, Tokopedia is committed to supporting our merchants to sustain their business operations, while…

How the tech industry potential and Tokopedia’s promise of impact convinced Manoj Awasthi to challenge the unfamiliar

Manoj Awasthi, VP of Engineering

For someone who was not exposed to computers until university, Manoj’s interest in computer sciences was born as naturally as can be. Intrigued by mathematics and physics ever since he was a young boy, his entry into the field of computer sciences and engineering was almost a calling.

Graduating from university in the Northern part of India in 2004, Manoj never had the intention of moving outside of the country. His first few professional experiences matched him with a telecommunication software company and B2B start-up security solutions provider. …

Having a “can-do” attitude when faced with a challenge led Rico to Tokopedia

Rico Harisin, Head of Engineering at Tokopedia is proud to be Tokopedia’s 50th Nakama

Don’t Fear Failure

“I used to be able to recognize everyone by name when I go to the office. Now, it’s a miracle if I bump into someone that I know in the elevator.”

In 2013, a curious fresh graduate in Computer Sciences from Bina Nusantara University decided to join an Indonesian technology start-up company, Tokopedia. Proudly being Nakama number 50, Rico went against the current of corporate job-seeking youngsters, and recognized Tokopedia’s potential despite common practice at the time. While most people went off to join structured organizations where certainty was guaranteed, Rico decided to take a chance.

Without prior professional experience…

Three of our Nakama share what Christmas means to them

Around the world, Christmas often means a number of things: presents, gathering with family and friends, and hearty home-cooked meals. Globally, companies have taken initiative to extend the festivities and Christmas celebrations to the workplace.

Similarly, Tokopedia is no stranger to celebrating Christmas. From putting up Christmas tree decorations, organizing year-end team dinners and granting Christmas wishes of those in need, our Nakama warmly embraces all sacred holidays.

During the brief period that our Nakama are not solving Indonesia’s technology challenges, they also enjoy focusing their attention and allocating their creativity to other joy-filled moments. …

Kanina Priatna


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